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1943 Bren Gun Carrier Manufactured in W.A Serial # 5051

Tim purchased his first Bren Gun Carrier from Ron Fry in 1999. It was in very good condition, externally complete, but it was missing internal fittings.

Tim went on the annual Side Track ride, that year it was Queensland, usually riders come back with a sore 'butt,' dirty, and riding gear that could walk on it's own, in addition to that, Tim came home with a 'con note,' a few days later with some assistance from Pickering Transport, the Bren Gun Carrier he stumbled apon followed him home.

Found out a little later that the Bren gun Carrier Tim had bought was featured on the cover of 'Australian Military Equipment Profiles, Vol. 2 Local Pattern Carriers 1939-1945,' which Kendall (GF) had purchased for Tim while completing a training course at Puckapunyal.

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